Monday, December 1, 2008

Brand New!

So i thought maybe it would be interesting to have a blog just to type a few things in about my hobbies (i.e. hair bow making and crocheting) ;) I first got interested in hair bow making when i had my little girl. As most of you mommas out there know, there aren't many hair bows to match your little princess's outfits exactly. So i started to make my own. After all Calista was born with a ton of hair. I think i could have clipped hair bows on her tiny head of hair the day she was born!! As for crocheting.. well i've been doing it on a off since i was preggo with my son back in 2006. I started off with a little Baby blankie, then made a little knitted blue cardigan. Right now I've been working on animal beanies. Beanies like a puppy, kitty... cow.. monkey... etc. I have so much on my 'stuff i want to crochet for the holiday's list' *lol* But sooo little time!!